Professional Genealogists & Family History Researchers

Professional Genealogists & Family History Researchers

Professional Genealogists & Family History Researchers Professional Genealogists & Family History Researchers
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Bespoke Research

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What can we do for you?

Stumped? Dead Ends?

Have you met a brick wall? We can look at your family history research with fresh eyes and additional resources to get through the barriers. We can then either continue with the family tree research on your behalf, or let you take it back to pursue.

Tricky Ancestors?
Perhaps you've been successful researching your family tree but are stuck on one branch? We have access to family history records across the globe that can help track down even your trickiest ancestors.

Family Finders

Have you lost touch with a distant cousin or old school friend? We are experienced in finding missing people and reuniting them with their long lost family. Recently we've reunited cousins that have never met, two school friends who lost touch after each moving; and a lady in Texas, USA with her half brother in the UK. Their father emigrated after his first marriage broke down over 50 years ago, now they're planning to meet for the first time.

Adoption Searches
The Adoption of Children Act 1926 came into force in 1927, formalising the gentlemen's agreements that had previously been in place. Those adopted after 1927 can obtain copies of their original birth certificate. History Angels can then search the ancestry of the natural parents, and if required trace them - and any possible brothers and sisters. Formal records of adoptions were not kept before 1927, making the genealogical detective work much harder - but not impossible. Call us to discuss your individual case.

Heir Hunters - Probate Research
We provide a complete genealogy search and heir tracing servicing for heir hunters and solicitors alike. We can produce a family tree of the highest standard to make a claim to the treasury solicitor for an estate deemed to be Bona Vacantia.

Military History

We are experienced in researching Military History. History Angels can research an individual's Military Service History using a variety or records, including their service record, information on the medals they won and a timeline of events of the battles or campaigns they were involved in. 

Something else?

We've also researched the history of items from medals to jewellery to clocks to paintings and much much more. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Whatever your situation we are able to offer research on a bespoke basis, charged at £25 per hour, plus any disbursements or expenses we incur (e.g the cost of a certificate - all agreed in writing in advance). You are in control of the budget and how we direct our research at all times.

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