Professional Genealogists & Family History Researchers

Professional Genealogists & Family History Researchers

Professional Genealogists & Family History Researchers Professional Genealogists & Family History Researchers

Any Questions?

Our customers often ask us.......


How do I start?

When you contact us, we will discuss your requirements and make some initial searches (free of charge) to determine that we are able to find the required information. We will then assign your case to a skilled researcher who is experienced in your particular field. They will keep you regularly updated as to the progress of your project. History Angels research a variety of archives including Birth Marriage and Death indexes, Census returns, Parish registers, Newspapers etc. There are many other sources available that we use depending on what we find out along the way, such as Military Service records, Criminal registers, specialist occupations, tax, probate and land records. If you have a particular interest (such as an ancestor's military service, or where they lived) please let us know and we will tailor our search accordingly.

 What do I need to do?

If you've asked us to research your family history, we'll send you some paperwork asking you to provide your name, date and place of birth, and as many details about your family as possible. Many people already have information about their parents and grandparents. Whatever information you have, no matter how small, we want to know about it! It'll save you time and leave us free to find out the bits you don't know! Let us know favourite family stories, traditions, nick names, family legends. We will include them in your family tree to preserve them for future generations.

What will you discover? How far back in time will you go?

We can't be sure what we'll find before we look, that's the nature of research. For our popular Family Tree packages, whether you select one line, two lines or a full package, we'll aim to discover when and where your ancestors were born; who they married; what their occupations were; where and how they lived their children as revealed by the censuses. We will travel back as far in time and cover as many generations as the research time and sources available allow. Rest assured, our research is always tailored to you - we aim to provide information that you are interested in. 


What if you can't find my ancestors?

Sadly there are no guarantees of records being available. Our initial checks ensure that enough records exist to begin your project. We will keep you regularly updated with our progress, and we meet a dead end we will discuss other options, such as researching a different line of your family tree. Alternatively,  we can reduce the amount you need to pay in your final installment by calculating the number of research hours used and deducting the difference. Research hours are charged at the rate agreed in advance - rates from £25 per hour plus disbursements.

 Is my information confidential?

Of course. Our work involves access to very important & confidential information about you. We are registered Data Controllers in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2003. All research conducted by History Angels is held in the strictest confidence & protected. We don't disclose information obtained to any third party without written instruction from you. We only use your information for our research. Further details are held in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Sale which are supplied when you make an enquiry and form part of our contract with you.

Can I upgrade?

Of course. If you find that the genealogy bug bites we'll be pleased to upgrade your package. We can also add to a package at a later date - perhaps to include a family marriage or new baby?


I'm adopted - can you help?

In England & Wales, a formal Register of Adoption has been kept since 1927. The Children's Act of 1975 allows an adoptee to apply for their original birth certificate. History Angels can then use this information to trace the birth family forward or back in time. In Scotland, adoption has been legally recognised since 1930 and information is supplied to the adopted person, if over 17. We've successfully reunited long lost family - parents, children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren. We are also experienced in tracing birth families of those who were fostered or adopted prior to the introduction of the Adoption Act. Our research time is chargeable at standard rates.

What about living relatives?

We've a great track record for finding 'lost' individuals, from old school friends to long lost family. We'll do our best to locate them and if successful mediate between you and the missing person, and hope to reunite the two of you. Please be aware that sometimes people don't want to be found. Contact us for details. 


How long does it take?

Each project is different. We will agree a target date with you at outset, and then keep you informed of our progress. If you need something in a hurry, don't panic, it's often possible to complete in less time. We can also provide a Gift Voucher for last minute presents.

 How do I pay?

We accept and recommend payment by Paypal. Your payment details are kept securely by Paypal. If this isn't suitable please contact us to discuss alternatives such as bank transfers and card payments. Our standard terms of service require payment of a 50% deposit on starting the project, and the remaining 50% plus any additional extras (such as additional certificates or records purchased etc) to be settled before we post your project.

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